1. Second mate - standing watch


  2. Fading out


  3. Simplicity on the Truckee River


  4. Snow.man


  5. Everything you need.


  6. patagonia:

    The sun fades fast as Lynn Stadler prepares the rappel. Desolation Wilderness, CA

    Submitted by Andrew Marshall

    instagram @andrew_marshall



  7. patagonia:

    Nick Knecht takes to the air on Washoe Lake, NV

    Submitted by Andrew Marshall

    Instagram @andrew_marshall

    Tumblr andrewmarshall.tumblr.com


  8. Lowering my partner as the storm rolls in. Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe, November 2006


  9. Donner Summit, California
    September 2006


  10. Winter walkabout


  11. Let the outside in


  12. Slash and burn


  13. Marco Fontana walks the line. Old Highway 40, Donner Summit, CA


  14. Bring on the snow


  15. Surrounded by it